Friday, September 14, 2007

Does Parallel Parking define who I am??

I remember when I just got my driver's license it was snowing really hard and I wanted to go to the mall (using my own personal car). Well, my dad basically told me that I could not go unless I was able to parallel park perfectly 25 times. Um, jerk!!

That said, I have gotten better over the years. And now I have to do it basically every day in front of my house. I have a really small car so sometimes I can squeeze right in. But, the reality is that I "Fail" most times.

On your road test, you fail the test if you hit the curb while parallel parking. I never really understood how one mistake could make you fail the entire test. Especially since it is not the norm for most people to have to parallel park every day. Is is a skill that you need at some point in your life, sure. But, you don't see me failing in life for making one small mistake...right?

Could you image if you life was considered a failure if say, you forgot a birthday, or made a typo, or couldn't figure out calculus.

Give me a break. My life is not a failure, even though I can not parallel park.

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