Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Breast Cancer Quilt

I woman I "know" was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer - she is young; maybe around my age. She is part of an online community that I belong to. I just can't believe it.

A bunch of the women on the board thought it would be a cool idea to collect pieces of fabric and make a quilt out of all of the pieces. Someone thought of me. I love doing quilts and was honored that someone thought of me to make the final product.

So, there will be a post and everyone who wants to contribute will send me a 1/4 yard of fabric; I will then use all of the pieces to make a quilt for this woman along with a matching one for her very young daughter.

Makes me think how lucky I am. My prayers go out to this woman, and her family. Please pray for StaceyLoren.

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