Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I AM going to Win - I HAVE to

OK, I mentioned before that I am trying to win a contest that would give us $100,000 for house repairs. Well, in addition to entering online, you can also enter as many times as you want by mail. Each entry has to be it it's own envelope and MUST be hand-written.

Well, I enter myself and my husband every day and I just spent the last hour writing out mail-in papers. The contest is a random drawing, so the more times I enter, the more chances I have.

I will probably only do about 100 to mail in, stamps are so expensive. But, I figured that I spend about $40 each time I go to Walmart so that is about my limit.

I HAVE to win this. Frank keeps putting off getting a Home Equity Loan or a Re-finance. Now he tells me that we should wait until Feb to do this because at that time we will have more money to pay back the loan (Colin's braces will be paid off, the Lease will be turned in, the cruise will be paid for)

I really thought that by Dec '07 our house would be almost done. That was giving it 19 months to do the work. It looks like we just started!!!!!! It makes me so upset. I am starting to hate the house.

You can look HERE for pictures of the work that we have already done. It is not much, but it is something. Make sure you scroll all the way down to see all the albums.

When (that's right, not if) we win, we can do all the work and then some "extras"

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