Saturday, January 24, 2009

A plumber he is not...

We have a full bath on the first floor (a new bath). We never use this other than to go to the bathroom and of course wash our hands. We never ever use the tub - or the shower in the tub.

It is a good thing too - the handle that changes water from filling the tub to the shower head does not work. So, we could only take a bath - but not a shower.

This has been broken for months; my dad said we probably need a new fixture. Ok, fine. Well, all of a sudden, Frank thinks this needs to be fixed now. But, here is the thing - he is NOT handy AT ALL!!!!!

He thinks he is though. That is a problem. He goes to the hardware store and "pretends" to know what he is talking about. He wound up getting a wrench of some sort; only to come home to realize that not one of the attachments is the correct size. He flips out like it is my fault that the wrench does not fit.

I don't offer any advice because - um, I am not a plumber. He gets all pissed off about this "problem" that is no problem for our household. Sure, do I want it to work, of course. But, like I said, we NEVER use the shower part.

Even if we decided that it would be the "kids" bathroom, well, they will be taking baths for a long long time. The tub is fine. Not sure why he thought now would be the best time to mess around with it.

He is not handy - I get it - but, he does not.

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