Sunday, January 4, 2009

I just lost it over a twin bed...

When we moved into our house, we set aside one bedroom as a kids room. We painted in a neutral sage color knowing that we would not want to paint it again.

It has been used as a storage room while we did major renovations on our house. It helped me emotionally that the room was not stark empty.

But, now the room is cleared out and there is a crib and a twin bed in there. We are having our 1st of 2 home inspections tomorrow so our room has to be ready for at least 2 placements.

And, since we are willing to accept ages birth to 5 yrs old, we had to have a crib and a bed. We bought a bunk bed set that can be separate.

We assembled one of the beds and the crib was set up a few weeks ago. The bed has been made and the crib now has a sheet and a little blanket.

It was just the realization that the room is FINALLY going to be used for the intended purpose and I just lost it.

Granted, the room is very simple, nothing matches, everything is second hand - but, it will be filled with a child soon and I guess that is the best thing that could ever go in there.

I just can't believe that more children in our house is not just a dream, but will be a reality.

The bedding that is on the twin bed is for a girl - but it was what we got for free so it is fine for now. Our plan is to buy bedding once we get a placement. If we get a girl that needs a twin, then we will just keep the current bedding. If we get two girls, we might just get one that has similar colors as the one that we have. Boys will eventually need new bedding. The set that we have is REALLY girly.

So, here is our super basic room that will be a little more decorated in the future.

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