Sunday, January 18, 2009

OMG! So happy!

We finally got word about the radiators - we are FINE!!!!!!

My worker spoke directly to the actual inspector that will be doing our inspection. She said that the radiators fall into a "supervision" category. This means that is is in the same category as making sure a child does not touch a hot stove or get into the unlocked liquor cabinet (which by the way is high up - but not locked).

We found out on Friday but I was away for the weekend.

I could not be happier.

Also in the same conversation, we found out that the local police report from our town has come in and we are just waiting for the local report from my last town. It has been sent 3 times now. Yup - that is right. The forms have been sent three times. The first two were sent to the wrong precinct. There are over half a million people in my last "town" so of course there are more than one police stations. When we had our local inspection, I questioned where it was sent (at the advice of my husband) and that is when I learned that it was sent to the wrong place.

The paperwork was sent for the third time about 1/7 or so. I plan to call the actual police dept this week just to make sure they actually received it. This is the LAST thing that is needed.

Of course after this is received, we still have to do the state inspection. My worker still has not said if I can schedule the state inspection if all the paperwork is not on file. Kind of annoying waiting for other people to do stuff - stuff that I have no control over.

This week will be the 60 day mark from when the paperwork was received by the local child services dept. But, about 90 days since we submitted our initial application. I know I have to go by the first timeline and I think it sucks that I can't count that first month. Well, I guess I could, we did take our classes in that first month. But, we would have been able to do the classes and the paperwork.

I know I should not dwell on this over and over, since what is done is done, but I am just overly anxious.

On another topic - I am thinking about combining all my blogs. It seems like I do not have enough info to post of several. But if you combine the blogs, I have enough for multiple updates.

I am not sure if I will keep the main on and add all these posts (obviously much easier) or change the blog totally.

Let me know what you think about this idea.

Oh - just an FYI - once we receive placement, all pictures would be on a blog that has a password.

1 comment:

Dr.L said...

Hurray for radiator resolution!

I vote for adding on to your original blog.

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