Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some Pics of the Kids' Room

Before we got Lil J, we just kinda pieced his room together. I was totally fine with nothing matching. I really did not care. Plus I figured that Lil J would not care and neither would the new baby.

So, I left it as nothing matching.

Well, my sister bought me all coordinating stuff for the room for my shower. The curtains, the crib blanket, match twin quilt, decals, etc, etc, etc. Lil J even put the decals over his bed mostly by himself - so they went where HE wanted. Made him feel more involved in the process.

I love the way it looks. Even though the furniture still does not match, it really does make the room look more put together.

Plus, it is not babyish at all and could totally grow with any child. I am sure the Mickey sheets will make their way back into the room, and I am sure things will change here and there. But, for now, I LOVE IT!!!!!

Here are some pics - yes - that is LIl J's real face lol!


Leah said...

Very cute! I love the colors! I'm guessing the baby will share a room? Or is that for foster care?

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

Leah - the kids will share. In our state, it is OK for kids to share in the following situations:

- Same gender any age
- Different gender under 6 yrs old (5 and under)
- Different gender any age if biologically or legally related

The plan is that if the baby is a girl, we stil have a good 2.5 years until it is "not allowed" anymore. But, that would be 3 years after he came to live with us. We are hoping that if his case leads to adoption, it would be finalized before his 6th b-day. My Goodness, we HOPE so!!!

Plus, Colin goes off to college in 3 years, so we would have that room available at that time.

Stacie said...

LOL - I like what you did with Lil' J's face.

Are the rules you posted in the comment above for foster purposes?

I like the room - very colorful and cute!

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

Stacie - yes, those are the rules for foster care. Once a child is adopted - then you can do whatever you want :)

Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

The room looks so adorable Amy! What a great place for Lil J & baby too!

Anonymous said...

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