Monday, August 10, 2009

Follow-Up with the OB Today

I had my follow-up with the OB today. They put me on the monitors and they saw that I had 2 contractions while hooked up. I have been having these type of small contractions for about 12 weeks now, so to me they were no different.

Well, since they showed up on the monitor, she did a check. I am already a little over 1cm dialted. Granted, I know that I can be at 1cm for weeks and weeks. But, I have to go back tomorrow to have a fFN done (some kind of vaginal swab done to check for pre-term labor). She could not do it today because it is a vaginal swab and she just did the vaginal exam - which then disturbs everything in there.

And I know that the dialation is new, I was checked a few weeks ago and there was no dialation.
If it is pre-term labor, I will probably be given steroid shots to help improve lung maturity, and then might be put on bedrest. Yeah, lucky me.

I also see the GI doc tomorrow. Fun times, fun times.


Stacie said...

I am glad to hear that everything is fine with both you and the baby. Hopefully you're not having pre-term labor and you'll stay at or around 1 cm.

theworms said...

GL tomorrow.

Cook a while longer little one.

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