Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby Crafts

I plan on doing my own Newborn pictures. I just can't afford to get professional ones done. So, I have been looking for ideas here and there and already have lots of ideas in my head of what I want to do.

I thought it would be really cute to have the baby's name spelled out on the bottom of a picture and possibly use that for birth announcements.

It was really simple, just bought basic wooden letters (they were already white), and just traced the letters onto scrapbook paper. I got lucky with this paper, as it was kinda a set - so all the colors coordinated. One I had the letters traced, I just cut them out and glued them on to each letter. I did use Mod Podge, just because I had it in the house. If I did not, I would have used Elmer's Glue.

I know I can "display" the letters in the room after the pictures are taken, but I really just wanted them for the pictures, so I really did not care if they were perfect.

And before anyone, we do not know the sex of the baby. I am making one of these for our boy's name (Frank, after my husband), and one for our girl's name (undecided as of right now). I plan to do the pictures within 1-2 weeks of birth, so it will be one less thing that I have to worry about.

I think they came out pretty cute, but I do know now for the girl's name, to use paper with more of a full print. I think the swirls and dots are harder to see.

As soon as we can decide on a girl's name, I will go back to the store. It is killing me that we have not decided on a name. We have a list now of about 5-6 names. I would be fine with any of them. I just have to get Frank to agree on just ONE!!!!

I already told him, once we agree, that is it - especially if I make a craft with the name. Don't want to do it twice lol.

Oh - and there is something VERY funny in this picture - what is it????


Anonymous said...

is that your boob?

Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

LOL to the previous comment. while my boobs are VERY big, that is my belly. The belly is so big now, that it actually makes my boobs look smaller

Stacie said...

Ooooh, how clever! I love how that turned out.

Julie G said...

Looks really cute. You are so creative

Megan K said...

Looks great!

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