Friday, August 14, 2009

Been Trying to Update for days now

I have been trying to update my blog for days now. Everytime I update, I can not post it as I get an error.

I have written several blogs that are poof - gone. So, I am just going to recap.

I am fine, baby is fine. The swab came back negative. On the monitor I was having contractions every 10 minutes, but nothing to worry about. Still at 1cm. Growth scan next Wed.

Met with GI, totally thinks that the pain was from my gallbladder. He explained the function of the gallbladder and what my issues are. We are just going with a wait and see method for right now. He told me to stay away from high fat/highly fried foods. This should help. If I have another attack, go to the ER. Might go away after pregnancy. If not, I have to go back to him and he will refer me to a general surgeon.

Still have not decided on a name for a girl. A boy will be named after my husband, so that is easy - no thought in that. We don't want a super popular name, but don't want something totally out there. I have about 6 weeks to go and at this point, if a girl, the name will be Jane Doe N. And what is even worse, we really don't have anything on a list. We are in trouble.

I hate that Lil J's mother smokes in front of him. And not just smoke in front of him, but basically blow smoke in his face. Sorry if you are a smoker, but I think it is gross. But, especially gross if you don't have enough respect for others not to blow smoke in their face. Although we have stopped the "face-to-face" interaction, the past two visits were face to face due to circumstance (at the park, etc). As long as she does not say mean things to me, I am fine with that.

My shower was great. Got lots of great gifts - my family and friends are so generous. Trying to get everything organized. I will actually make a separate post on this, as I want to share some pics.


DrL said...

Yay for everything being fine! Boo for smoke in the face.

I could inundate you with names....

Stacie said...

What a disgusting person for blowing smokes in her baby's face. That makes me mad.

I can't wait to see some pics from your shower!

Glad that you and baby are doing well.

Good luck on picking a name if it's a girl :)

Kristina said...

My vote is Lillian (Lily), Abigail (Abby), or maybe even Aila? I love old-fashion names obviously!

Yea, pretty gross that Lil J's mom does that!!!!

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