Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby Shower Tomorrow!

Wow - I just can't believe it - my baby shower is tomorrow. I know my sisters and my mother have been working so hard on it. There have been several "secret" meetings. LOL

The only thing I know is that it is tomorrow and what time it is. My friend is picking me up and my husband will drive down later in the day with Lil J.

It will be great to have Lil J there, most of my extended family have not met Lil J. My cousins have met him (big cousins BBQ in June), but the aunts, and my grandmother have not.

Plus my husband will drive the van down and we can load it up with all the goodies ;)

It works out well that my friend is driving me down, this way I would not have to have two cars back up to my house. It is an hour drive, so that would be annoying.

I just can't believe that I get to have a baby shower. It is finally starting to feel real. I really have to make a list of all the things I have to do from now until the baby comes. Some are more important than others (pick a name = important, clear a space for bottles = less important). There are a lot of things on the list because I am a big slacker :) and I guess I STILL don't think it is actually real. I am 32 weeks already, and I guess I should get on making the list.

I will try to take some pictures tomorrow - and I will post anything I take.


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