Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First home Visit - Check!

Yesterday was our first home visit. It was more of a fill-out-this-paperwork visit than it was a home inspection, which is fine.

We filled out lots and lots of paperwork. Things like what kind of child (race, age, gender), what types of medical problems, what type of behavior problems, etc.

We also had to provide copies of our drivers licenses, registration, car insurance, birth certificates, & marriage certificate.

We also did a lot of talking, we spoke about what was in the area (yay - we live across from a park), the work we did on our house, how supportive our family is, what Colin thinks about everything, why we are going this route, etc. Lots and lots of talking.

We also got a 10 page questionaire that has to be filled out with each of us in separate rooms. It asks things about our childhood, sexual experiences, relationship with our parents, how we were disciplines, traits of our spouse, how much we drink, how often we argue, what we argue about, how many siblings, which ones you are close to, when you moved out from your parents house, etc.

I did mine last night and it took a while. But, it is now done. I don't think I look too bad :)

We also had our physicals done last night and today we go for our fingerprints. We have our individual visits next week. Our worker has to interview Frank, myself and Colin at separate times, I guess to make sure we tell the same story and that we are all on the same page.

I heard from one of my references that she received her reference forms over the weekend - so I am assuming that the others received theirs yesterday or today.

Our worker has also told us that the police checks have been submitted and also the letter to Colin's school.

Wow - that's a lot. Makes me wonder how quickly things would have gotten done if our paperwork was submitted correctly. I asked our worker about timeline (hinting about the delay), and she said she always works this quickly. She said that if she does not start right away, it is real easy to get backed up. Plus, she said she wants everthing done before the holidays - which is great for us.

We have the appointments next week, at which time we will make another (final) appointment for the following week. At this appointment, she will really go through the house with a fine tooth comb, going over what licensing will really look for. She wants to make sure we pass on the first time. So, after that home visit, they will schedule the home inspection from the licensing dept. After that visit, everything gets sent to licensing and hopefully gets approved - yay!

We kind of lose some days because of the holiday season, but if it moves nicely, we could be licensed before we know it.

Of course, I will keep this blog posted

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Julie said...

I say this with a few tears in my eyes...

I am SO excited for this all to be done and to meet my new niece/nephew! I am very excited for you guys!

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