Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just a random post

For some reason, I did not want the previous post on the very top of this blog. It is just like a slap in the face.

Instead, there is really no point to this post. We did some shopping today. We got lots of gift cards (mainly amex ones - yay, we can use them anywhere) and we had some store credit from when we returned some things a few weeks ago.

We bought end tables for the living room. We were using snack tables, so these are a huge step up. They were on sale for 50% off in Lowes of all places. They look nice and they really match the wood details that are on our couches.

We also bought shelving units for the downstairs closet. This closet was actuall 2 closets so the space is kind of awkward. We are using it as a multi-purpose closet. It will be a food pantry, a kitchen (small) applicance storage area, a coat closet, and general storage closet. Needless to say, figuring out where we wanted everything took a huge chunk of time in Lowes.

I think it will work out well. It will be nice to get some of this stuff out of the kitchen cabinets. We have plenty of room, but never enough if that makes sense.

With these two purchases, I can cross some things off our "list". The list is just stuff that I would like, plus I crossed a bunch off with gifts from christmas. I realized that most of my gifts were housewares - which is fine by me, all stuff I really wanted. I did also get lots of craft things, also things I wanted.

We still have some little things to do before our final home inspection. But that could still be a while. I really can't wait to decorate the room. But I guess that will have to wait.

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Leah said...

So, what's happening with the previous post? Did AF come yet? I'm sorry you are dealing with that yet again. sigh... it sucks. I'm sorry.

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