Monday, December 8, 2008

Um, should I hold it hostage?

I have posted my frustration with my neighbor. She has issues with sticking to a reasonable timeline.

When I first spoke to her, she advised me to use her as a reference. We needed on for a neighbor anyway, so thought this was a great idea.

The reference packages were mailed over a week ago and I got confirmation that one was mailed to her. I will not get confirmation that the package has been returned until I speak to my worker tomorrow.

Anyway, the husband of said neighbor just came up to me and asked if I can sign for a package tomorrow. He won't be around and well, I will.

Should I hold the package hostage???? I am just kidding - but I really should.

Maybe I will get lucky and she felt bad about holding up the paperwork and she returned everything already.

My husband has his individual interview tomorrow, and I have mine (along with my son as well) on Wednesday. i just have to remind my husband not to overshare. He has a habit of going off on tangents.

I am hoping that we can schedule our last appointment with our worker early next week. Then we fall into christmas week, and I am sure lots of people will be on vacation, etc.

Hoping we are done by year end - but I guess we will wait and see. Things like fingerprints and background checks may take a while.

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