Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We are planners!

OK - My sister just sent the schedule of events between now and January. First let me say that I love my family and love spending time with everyone. We plan like crazy (Poker night, apple picking, baking cookies, etc). There are so many of us that it is hard not to plan 5 months in advance.

We have something to do basically every other weekend from now until Jan. Then we take a break and go on a huge family cruise in April. A cruise, mind you, that was planned in Sept '06. Yep, you read that right, we planned an April '08 cruise in Sept '06.

When we planned the cruise, the first thing that popped in my head was "oh, cute - I will have a little one to bring and hopefully be pregnant with #2". I am not joking, I seriously thought that I would go off BCP in Oct 2006, get knocked up soon there after, have a baby by the end of 2007 and be pregnant again by April 2008. I never thought it would be almost Sept and I would not be pregnant.

Like I said, we are planners. We like to plan. We do things years in advance. You don't plan to have issues getting pregnant. In December of 2006, I really thought I would be close to having a baby by now. Picking out the nursery, trying to find out about my shower, etc.

The funny thing is is that in Feb, I was trying to calculate what my due date would have been if I got pregnant that month. It turns out that it was going to be the same due date as Colin's. I thought that would be cool to have kids born on the same day only 13 years apart. Yeah, well not only did I not get pregnant that cycle. But, that cycle would last 87 days.

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