Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tough Guys Wear Pink ?!?!?

OK, as much as I really don't like printed tee shirts, Colin is getting to the point where he likes to pick out his own clothes. Don't get me wrong, I don't lay out his clothes, I just buy them.

Last night we went school shopping. Sassy (or as I like to call them - Snarky) tees are all the rage. Now, there are some that I would never let him get; but there are some that are just so funny.

Last year we started with "Tough Guys Wear Pink" - really?? I think guys that wear pink are "pretending" that they are tough. It is almost like a unwritten rule. You wear pink, you better be tough because you are gonna get the crap beaten out of you. LOL
Colin found this hat. It was a camo fisherman type of hat. Of course there is no tag on the hat so I have no idea how much is actually cost. But let me tell you, the hat looked so damn cute on him. His is growing his hair so the hat kind of covers the funky hair that he has right now. But he wore that hat the entire time we were in the store. Mind you, the entire time I still have no idea how much it costs. Hey, for al I know it is actually not even for sale; but something someone left behind. So we get to the register, and they have someone go look for the same hat to get a price. I love being "that" person that holds up the line. So, I pay for the sassy tees and figure that I would pay for the hat separate so I don't have an angry crowd behind me.
10 minutes go by, do I really want to wait for this hat. God, it looks so cute on him. So I wait. I tell Colin that if it is too expensive he can't have it.
Finally, we get a call. The hat costs $2. GREAT!!! The best part is that I have no cash, so I had to charge $2. Whatever, he looks really cute in the hat!

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