Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gambling and Appliances

Weird title right, I guess I should explain. Frank has a friend that is known to gamble A LOT! We went to AC a few years ago with Frank's job and this guy LOST $5000. IN ONE DAY. Yeah, I like to gamble a little too. But I generally gamble with about $100-$200. I don't like to lose my money, but I figure that if I went into the city for dinner, drinks, & dancing, then I would spend about $100.

So this guy, apparently is in a lot of trouble and a lot of debt. He bought a condo last year which will be forclosed on very soon. I guess he intended on remodeling it and bought (but never installed) all new stainless steel appliances, new cabinets, new title, new lighting, etc.

This is obviously where the appliances come into the story. We have been without a kitchen for over a year now! That's right, no kitchen.....we do all of our cooking on the BBQ or a small single coil hot plate. We are on such a tight budget for our renovations. This friend, knowing that we are fixing our house, wants to sell the appliances (Fridge, stove, Dish Washer, microwave) and the lighting fixture to us for only $2000. We might even buy the titles.

I feel bad for the guy that he is going through all of this crap, but hey, I am getting a really good deal.

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Tarahville said...

I say go for it what do have to lose?

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