Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free Holiday Cards from Shutterfly

Shutterfly is offering 50 free Photo Holiday Cards for bloggers. Each year, I search high and low for the perfect holiday card, along with the perfect picture. Shutterfly has great designs. But, they have so many great ones, that it is hard to pick just one

In the past, it was easy - just put Colin in front of the tree and snap. Not so easy this year. LOL I remember a few years ago when we went to the Holiday Section of Walmart to take our holiday pics. To be honest, it really was the best idea. It was festive, many different scenes to choose from, and um,,,,,it was free. Gotta love free.

I remember the year that I tried so hard to get the perfect picture in front of the tree. I thought I got a great one, uploaded them to shutterfly, picked the perfect card design and ordered them. It was not until after all of the cards were addressed and mailed that a small detail about the picture it was brought to my attention. Turns out, my “perfect” picture was a picture of Colin with his fly down. Oh well.

Over the years, he has gotten used to the Christmas pics that I require him to take. He knows that a few minutes of pictures will make his mother oh so happy.

Last year, the pictures were a disaster. So, I had to do three separate pictures. And, I had to photoshop Colin’s picture to match the other two. This year, I got really lucky. Colin was a great help, and actually got some great pictures of all four children.

Four children. I still can’t believe that - I have FOUR children!

Shutterfly has so many awesome designs this year. So unique. I can’t wait to hear all the ohhs and ahhs from my family when the get this year’s holiday card. Sure, some because my kids are so damn cute. But, I am sure some will be from the great design of the cards.

Check out all the new designs for this year here: It is gonna be a hard choice again this year.

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