Friday, November 12, 2010

Cora is getting so big

I have done this before, but figured since I am boring, and have no topics to write about - I would add pics of Cora.

She will be 14 months tomorrow, it is amazing to see these pics; and to see how much she has grown. I have done the same for Elsie - but since she is only one month old, there is only one pic. In a couple of weeks, I will add her pics.

We had our flu shots the other day and I asked if I could throw her on the scale. She is a BIG 27.5 pounds. More than 20 pounds than she was at birth! Wowza! And, she is heavy. I have to carry both girls most times to the car. Cora is a walker now. But, not a directed walker. So - it is not like I can just put her down and say "let's go to the car"

She is still not talking - unless you count "ugh" as a word.

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