Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DIY Hand-Print Turkey Shirt

I had seen this idea on several blogs that I follow - so I thought it would be cute to make for the 3 little kids. It really was super easy. I was afraid that they would look like a peacock, instead of a turkey...but, I think they came our super cute. You can scroll down for the final product.

Basically, there is a product that makes any fabric an iron-on. I use this product all the time for crafts. It really allows you to make something unique as there are so many fabrics to choose from. I am not sure of what brand I used - but this is one brand out there

I just used whatever fabric I had around the house. But, you can get fabric for real cheap, especially since you don't need a lot. I used this product on every aspect of this project (except the eyes).

Some things like the legs and beak could be done with tacky glue or something called liquid stitch. I can't wait to show pics of the kids in their outfits :)

I added step by step directions, with pictures :)


trdmosgrls said...

Omg Amy How cute are those shirts!!!

Jennifer J said...

These are too cute! Did you have to sew anything or could you use the iron on for everything? Thanks!

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