Monday, June 14, 2010

Cora is 9 months old!

Cora turned 9 months yesterday (wow, where has the time gone) and we had her 9 month appointment today.

She is:
23 pounds - 97%
30 Inches - above 97% (AKA off the chart)
Head is at 90% (don't remember the measurements though)

I thought she was going to weigh more, I threw her on the scale at Lil J's visit about a month and a half ago and she was 22 something then. I thought she was going to be 25! She seems so heavy.

She is wearing 18 months in most of her clothes, but has 2 outfits in that size that no longer fit.

I forgot to take her monthly pics yesterday, so I will take them after naptime today.

She has finally figured out how to kinda crawl forward. She was able to get where she wanted, either by rolling, or skooting backwards. But, it was like her arms and legs could not communicate with each other. Yesterday, on the day she turned 9 months she was reaching for a car, and she went about 3-4 crawls forward. And, yes - we were mean and kept moving the toy away hoping she would crawl more.

The biggest issue now is most of her summer clothes are dresses/etc -so her legs gets stuck. Guess we will be tucking her dress into her fancy pants while we are at home lol.

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