Thursday, April 1, 2010

NT Scan went well

Had my NT Scan today. The measurements were so small that the tech could hardly measure them. The smaller the measurement, the better. So, my measurement of 0.8 was GREAT!!!!

It is so cool to see the baby move on the scan, even though I can not feel it.

The size of the baby was perfect to my last period - so my due date is spot on (Oct 20). Cora was born at 37w3d, so I am trying to pick a guess date for this one. Last time, I was only a day off. I just need my whole family to plan a vacation, that seemed to work last time :)

My thyroid was "abnormal" and I have to have it repeated in a few weeks. Since they are not doing anything about it now, I guess it is not something to really worry about.

I go back in about a month, have to do an early glucose test, have another scan (checing cervical length), followup bloodwork, etc.

So, that is that :)

1 comment:

mgrands said...

YAY!!!! Im happy you can share all the fantastic news with everyone now.

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