Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am a bad blogger

My internet was down for a while, and when I got it back - it was only on the desktop. Which means that I went through internet withdrawal for a while. LOL

It is funny - I will be taking a shower and I can basically write a blog post. Seriously, write it. Not just the idea, but what I actually want to say. Yeah, well it seems like it never makes it to the actual blog.

I am working on a blog spot, which will be a series of pictures, but it is not done just yet. that one will have to wait :)

I was nominated for an award from another blogger - THANKS!

You are supposed to list some random facts about yourself. I am too lazy to go back to the original blog to see how many I have to list, so I will just list as many as I can.

1 - I never ever eat the last pickle/cherry/etc from a glass jar. To me, it always looks like a lab specimen. In fact, I usually open a new jar and don't even transfer the old ones to a new jar. I am sure it annoys my husband, since there are usually 2 jars in the fridge.

2 - I wear contacts and obviously take them out every night. I open both sides of the lens case and put it on the counter. I always take out my left contact first. But, I always put it in the right hand side of the case. I put the left cap on it, but it is on the right side LOL

3 - Speaking of contacts/glasses. I sleep with my glasses on. I have really bad eyesight and can not see at all without glasses or contacts. So, if I get up in the middle of the night and not have them on, I get very disoriented. And, if someone tries to take them off while I am sleeping, I really think someone is trying to take my eyes out.

4 - I have 18 holes in my ears (10 in one and 8 in the other), but I never wear earings. The last time I wore earings was at my sister-in-laws wedding, which was in Oct 2008. And before that was probably my wedding in 2005. Back in day, I wore tiny silver hoop earings. Never took them out. But, when I started working a "real" job - I had to take them out every day. Eventually, I stopped putting them back in. I am pretty sure most of the holes have closed.

5 - I don't ever take a shower at night if I am home alone. If it is dark, and I am alone, no shower. I really can't explain it - and it has nothing to do with a horror movie (heard there was a scene like this), because I don't watch horror movies and really have no idea what the scene it.

6 - WEIRD BEWARE. OK, this one is a weird one. Don't judge. If I see a dead animal on the side of the road that is in a weird position, I always pose like the animal. I had no idea that I even did it until someone else pointed it out to me. I also get a kick out of road signs that look like animals. Like "curve ahead" with several attached side streets. hard to explain, will have to try to take a pic

7 - I like the smell of fresh asphalt. I know my sister like the smell of skunk.

I am sure there are tons more, if I think of any more in the next few days, I will add them :)

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DrL said...

Regarding #5, I can't believe you've never seen the scene in Psycho.

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