Sunday, January 17, 2010

Planning Kids Parties is So Much Fun!

So, I had to compromise about Lil J's b-day party. But, it is still going to be nice. I wanted a big party with all of our friends and close cousins, and of course family. My husband just wanted us (meaning the 5 of us) and maybe my parents and his parents.

So, we met kinda in the middle and are just having us, parents, siblings, and siblings kids. That number is still 35 - yup - we both have HUGE families.  And to be honest, we are having it at our house, so anymore than that would have been pretty tight.

Plus, it is cold up here in the North East - so everyone would have to be IN our house.

Frank did make a good point - in normal situations, a kids b-day party would be just that - KIDS.  And, more than likely it will be like that for future birthdays.  So, it was a nice compromise.  We can save the big party for when his adoption (fingers crossed) goes through.

Anyway, I have been having a blast planning the party - which right now is just in the planning stage. I used to LOVE doing it with Colin.  Each year was a different theme and I would make decorations, kiddy favors, make up games, make the cake, and even made my own pinatas.  It is amazing how far a pad of construction paper can go.

Of course, Colin has not let me do it in years, so it is fun to be able to do it again with Lil J.

For Lil J, the theme will be cars, not cars the movie (which he LOVES), but more like general cars. I figured it would be easier to create things in the general theme, than only with the movie stuff.
So, yay for kids parties :)

The party is not for another month, and I still have lots to paln, etc.  I will of course share pictures of everything that we do. :)

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DrL said...

Yay for parties and themes! I still remember the Raggedy Ann party when I was 4, and the circus animal party when I was 7.

Have fun!

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