Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is she a twin?

The probable reason for Cora's plagio is the fact the she also has Torticollis. In a lot of tort cases, it has to due to the position, or lack of space in utero.

One of the reasons for lack of space in utero would be because of a multiple pregnancy. So, this of course would be a very common question to ask when someone is Dx with tort.

"Is she a twin" was asked of me the other day at Cora's DOC Band evaluation. Sounds like a pretty easy question to answer, right.

Well, yes - I guess she is/was a twin. Obviously, her twin had nothing to do with her tort. Her twin was lost around 7 weeks. And even though it stuck around taking up space for my ENTIRE pregnancy, it really was not taking up any real amount of space.

But, to be totally honest, I really have not thought too much about the fact that Cora is in fact a twin. Or, rather WAS a twin.

I am a very open person about my journey, our struggles, etc. And, I am sure way down the line we will tell Cora how hard we tried to have her. But I doubt I will tell her all the time starting now. We do this with Lil J - tell him all the time about his story, that he has 2 moms, how we love having him in our family, etc. I really don't see the need to tell Cora that she was a twin, one that I never even knew about until it was already gone.

Is it part of our story - YES, but I guess I usually just group it with everything else, as part of our struggle, not as a part of Cora.

I say a lot (well at least when I was preg), Oh, we lost 5 preg in 2008 and lost a twin with this one. I would never say to someone who is meeting Cora for the first time: Oh this is Cora, she is a twin, but her twin was lost in utero.

I am just rambling, whatever. It just made me think about it


wyrdgyrl said...

Whatever you do decide to do and how to handle it, I know you will do so with the grace and love you always show each of your children.

DrL said...

Interesting you posted this. A co-worker told me she lost a twin at 5 weeks, and was annoyed that her husband told their daughter she was a twin. I guess it needs to be a mutual decision about the whats and whens.

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