Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cora is 4 months old!

We had Cora's 4 month appointment today.  She is a big girl.  She weighed 15 pounds even (up 8 pounds since birth) and is 26 inches long (up 6 inches since birth)!  Wow, I knew her pants were short - but now I know why lol.

We have to do some follow-up stuff on her - nothing to freak out about, but stuff that needs to be looked into.

There have been a few things that I have noticed, and my mom noticed as well.

The first is her head.  She almost always tilts her head to the left.  My mom brought it up to me a while ago, and to be honest - I really never noticed.  I actually thought she was crazy.  Until, I looked back at pictures and really paid attention to her.  Well, she also has a lop-sided head.  The doctor does not know if her head is lop-sided because of her head tilt, or the head tilt is because of the shape of her head.

Either way, he said the muscles in her neck are very tight and we need to be evaluated by a physical therapist.  He does not think it is anything big deal.  And, nothing some therapy won't fix.

The other things are kinda related.  When playing with her, we have noticed that one of her hips is super stiff.  This happens to be the same leg that we thought was forever crossing over the other and we thought was bowed.

She can basically eat one of her feet, but the other leg does not even come close. 

In addition to the leg, she does not seem to bend too well at the waist - she is almost standing when we burp her, and anytime she is "sitting", it is not an a 90 degree angle.

Well, again - she has tightness in her hip.  the doc was not too concerned about the "not bending" thing.

Both things can be fixed by the physical therapist (well, I hope so).  And the doc said the lopsided ness of her head should just correct itself.

I have to take her 4 month pics later today, I will post them when I do :)


Leah said...

Oh Lawd! We really need to stop having so much in common! Poor Cora! Poor Amy! Does she have one giant cheek and one small one? Ugh! Physical therapists are not very scary! Let me know if you need to chat. You are in my thoughts! I would kiss Cora's little lopsided head if I could! : )

Anonymous said...

I cant believe she is 4 months already! I have been lurking for months and I am so excited to see how well everything is going!

Anonymous said...

PLease call the early intervention services in New Jersey. It sounds as though your daughter has torticollis, and while it is sometimes evident from birth, it often shows itself around 3-5 months.

EI has the most experienced therapists working with children. Don't hesitate to self refer. Your pediatrician does NOT have to refer you. Find the local number and call...

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