Friday, September 11, 2009

6 Months

Today marks 6 months that Lil J has been with us. I remember that day like it was yesterday.

I had met Lil J the day before. His previous foster mother just could not keep the placement. He was only with her for about a week, but due to other family circumstances, it just was not a good placement for her or her family.

I found out about Lil J through a support network for foster and adoptive families - AKA, a message board. His previous foster mother was trying really hard to find a placement for Lil J. She did not want to just put him back into the system...but rather find someone that she "knew".

We had only been licensed for a VERY short while, and of course were looking forward to getting "the call". The room was ready, our house was prepared. We just needed THE call.

When I first found out about Lil J, I must admit that I was unsure if this would be a good placement for us. I thought maybe it was possible the the previous foster mother was trying to sugar coat Lil J to make it easier for her to find him a new home.

But, it seemed right to me. After getting lots of info, I agreed to meet Lil J. I went with a coloring book, crayons, and a few cars. Yes - I was trying to win him over. We played and colored for a few hours. I knew instantly that we would love to have him in our home. It actually got me upset when it was time to leave, especially when Lil J said, "No, don't leave"

I called his caseworker to advise her that we "wanted him" - I know, that makes him sound like a puppy. But, that is really the way it was. There was paperwork that had to be done, so she said it might be a while.

But, to our surprise, we got the call the very next day. He was coming that same day. I was actually in the car, driving a friend to the airport, when I got the call. I was just so excited, that I missed the exit lol.

Paperwork still needed to be done, but I guess the caseworker did not want to wait much longer to get him to his new home.

I waited and waited for what seemed like forever. I peaked out the window every few minutes. Barely went to the bathroom, in fear that I would not hear the knock on the door.

He finally got here and I met them at the car. Lil J recognized me from the day before and had a big smile on his face. A smile covered in chocolate munchkin. I took him out of the car, and he gave me a HUGE squeeze. My heart sank a little in the moment.

I walked him up the stairs to our front door, and opened the door. He FLEW up the stairs looking for his room. And, was thrilled to find his Mickey Room, just waiting for him (I found out some of his favorite things while in conversation with his previous foster mother).

I was shocked about the actual process though. His case worker gave me a simple piece of paper that said I was his foster mother, gave me her card, and then handed me a bag. The bag had about 10 diapers (pull-ups), a pack of wipes, and a set of PJs. That is correct. He basically came with the clothes on his back. Lucky for me, I had been collecting stuff for a while before we were even licensed.

And, that was it. He walked into my house and settled in my heart.

So much has changed (for the better) in the last 6 months with Lil J. I really can not remember how my day was before he was here. We all love him so very much.


DrL said...

That is just beautiful.

I hope you are his forever family.

QueenEsther said...

Oh, you gave me chills! Same with our placement - they handed me pullups and some medicine. Also, they told me the wrong last name for the kid. He walked out and took my hand and was ready to go. By morning I could not imagine life without him in the next bedroom.

How fortunate you are to have found one another! Happy 6 month anniversary!!
FYI, as of tomorrow he is your dependent for tax purposes.

Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

You made me cry, Amy! Again, how luck is Lil J to have you and from what it sounds like, how lucky is your family to have Lil J.

Goldie_Locks_5 said...

I'm crying reading your post. Such an amazing story of love!! I'm so happy for you to have found him, to be ready to have your baby, and have such a handsome son already- you deserve many good things in life - i'm so glad they are coming your way!

Julie said...

Tears in my eye...

We all love him so much and are glad he is a part of the family! And now your new angel as well :)

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