Thursday, September 3, 2009

36 Week appointment

I am 36 weeks today - YIPEE!!!! I had my 36 weeks appointment yesterday. It was just a standard appointment, but I was able to talk to the doc about the size of the baby, etc.

I find it so funny that I am not up really any weight. I am up a total of 8 pounds. Where is the baby getting it's weight from???? Who the heck knows. The baby plus whatever comes along with it is more than I have gained. I did lose weight in the begining - so maybe that is where it is from.

Anyway, the appointment was fine. B/P was great too. We talked about the possibility of an induction. AND------ We actually scheduled it! He does not think I will make it to any induction date. Actually, he thinks I will go in the next 2 weeks!!!!

I have had a feeling that I would go early anyway, but to hear a doc say it was weird! He actually said he would "place bets" that I would deliver before the 16th! I guess I should finish my "list".

He did an internal, and I am where I have been a few weeks now. I am just over 1cm.

Since we are doing an induction (if I make it that far), and the baby is big, I was given all this paperwork that I had to sign that had all the "warnings" and "disclaimers" etc. Makes is so final.

We also had our hospital tour and our refresher birthing class. So much as changed in the last 15 years. Change for the better, which is a good thing.

So, if this baby does not come on it's own - I will be induced on Sept 25 (friday) starting at 8AM. So, we will see. I am still thinking it will be WAY before that :)

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mgrands said...

Like I said earlier.. It is fine if you have the baby before the 16th but make sure its after September 13th.

Thanks so much!!!! :)


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