Friday, July 31, 2009

Interesting Conversation with my Teenager

When Lil J had his visit on Wednesday, we happened to see the boy that we did respite for over the weekend. I guess Wednesday is visit day for him as well.

Lil J was thrilled to see him, it was cute.

Colin (my teenager) was able to meet Z for a little while on Sunday and thought he was really nice.

Well, yesterday, Colin and I were talking about Z, saying that it was nice to see him, that Colin liked him, bla bla bla.

Colin then asked why he could not stay with us. I of course explained that it was not fair to put him in with Lil J. Plus, if the new baby is a girl, it is not even allowed.

He then said, "...well, what is wrong with my room? We could easily put bunks in there. Besides, it is only a bedroom and I have the other room as well"

Colin basically has 2 rooms to himself. Two of our bedrooms are "railroad" rooms - the ONLY way to get to Colin's room is to walk through this railroom room. So, he has his bedroom. And, then has a Hang-Out room that has his TV, game system, couch, etc. It is like a living room. Even though this room is TECHNICALLY a bedroom (has a door, closet, and window), we could not count is as a bedroom according to the state. It has to do with a privacy issue.

I was kinda shocked. We never considered using Colin's room. Especially since our age range is 0-5.

I just thought the conversation was interesting. We are not going to look into getting him moved. Heck, I don't even know if it is possible. But, I do know that Z has only been in care for about a month, so I would guess it might be possible if the current foster parents had issues with the placement.

We have a meeting with Lil J's case worker and with our family resource worker on Monday. I will probably bring it up in conversation. Maybe if his situation changes in the future, maybe they will keep us updated.

I don't even think Colin REALLY knows how he feels about it. I personally think it is a big deal to share a room after 15 years of NOT sharing. Especially now, since he is almost 15. Ya know, the prime time for wanting privacy, etc.

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Lana said...

That is very sweet of Colin to be so considerate

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