Wednesday, July 1, 2009

His mom is a piece of work....

So, my husband and I have decided not to do face to face meetings with Lil J's mom anymore. I will continue to drop him off at the CPS office, but the aide will come out to my car and get Lil J. She will also bring him to my car after the visit.

We thought this was best because his mother has become very demanding on me and has basically been mean to me. So, since I am not required to have a face to face with her, I am not doing it anymore. Plus, it gives me a minute to talk to the aide alone to discuss anything that happened during the visit.

Well, I am SO glad that I did not do a face to face today.

When I dropped him off, the aide said that his mom is mad that we are not doing face to face anymore, so the aide reminded her that face to face is NOT the norm.

When she brought him back, she said that now the mom was mad her HER. Of course I needed more details on that one. Well, the aide asked Lil J if he had gone swimming yet. Well, before J could answer, the mom yelled "He better not have!"

She was pissed that J went "swimming" in a baby pool with less than a foot of water. And that she told the case worker of her concerns about the water. These concerns were told to me also by the case worker and by his mom herself.

I previously told her that I am very careful around the water and that J would always be very well supervised and I would never let him in a larger pool by himself

Well, the mom went on and on how she would tell a judge that he is not allowed in a pool, and that her wishes MUST be followed. Um, yeah - OK, you mean tell a judge when you don't show up for court again. NJ, the summer temp can easily get to 100 degrees, he should never go swimming, or wading in a pool??

Yes, she is concerned that he will drown, but so am I. Yes, I know - NO ONE ever intends to drown, and it is usually an accident that no one knew would happen. But, I would do everything in my power to have that not happen.

So, in the end - I am VERY glad we did not do that face to face today.


Lana said...

Wow!!! She really is a piece of work. Hang in there, it's what's best for Lil J. She is just trying to frustrate you

Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

It seems like she really is a nut! If her biggest complaint with you is Lil J swimming, she obviously has issues. Hang in there Amy!

DrL said...

Maybe she has some irrational fear of water and is transferring it? Very odd.

Oh well. Keep up the good work. That's the best you can do

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