Monday, July 27, 2009

Respite Placement Went Well

We did respite this weekend for an 11 yr old boy. We only accepted it because my son was away and knew we could use his room.

He was really polite and nice too. Lil J loved him and was annoying him all weekend. Z (the 11 yr old) put up with Lil J's nonsense all weekend. It was really sweet

Z was very well behaved at the BBQ wedding that we had on Sat as well.

If there was a possibility that we could "keep" him, I would. But, we just do not have the space. We never intended to put a child with Colin and we don't think it is fair to put an 11 yr old with a 3 yr old and also a newborn in the fall.

Yesterday I dropped him off at camp, it was a sad thing - not emotional, but it turned out he really had nothing he needed. This was not obvious to me, of course, until I dropped him off. So, I had to return to the camp later in the day with all the things that he needed. I heart just totally stopped for a sec. I felt really bad for the kid - and really pissed at the current foster parents.

When he was dropped off, he only had a small duffle bag with clothes. I thought it was a small bag. But, it is summer, and I know Colin had a pretty small bag when I packed his clothes last week.

I asked him yesterday morning if he had everything he needed, and if not we could go to the store. He said that he had everything he needed. I also asked him if he needed a sleeping bag, and he said that they "had that stuff there". He is 11, not 5 - so I believed him. BIG MISTAKE.

I go to register him, he only has his registration for and a medical form on file - nothing else. So, I had to fill out 6 different camp forms. Things like a travel release, a photo release, a "don't sue me if your kid gets hurt" release, etc. I filled them out, but it really does not mean much. If he gets hurt, it is not like my signature means anything. Whatever, they obviously did not care.

Then, I drove him to his cabin. As soon as I walked in, I realized that there was going to be a big problem. All the bunks were BARE and the staff were helping kids make their bunks. OH NO - Z had nothing!

I pulled a staff member aside and told him what was going on. Told him I would come back with everything he needed.

I then asked Z, if he had packed things like shampoo, soap, sunscreen, bugspray, etc - NOPE!!!! He really just had a toothbrush.

So, I went home to pack him a bag. Lucky for me the camp is only about 6 miles from my house. I got a sheet set, pillow, sleeping bag, shampoo, soap, deordorant, sunscreen, bug spray, towels, etc.

When I went back to drop them off, I asked and found out that he had no money in his "camp account" which would be used for the general store. He will be there for 2 weeks and had nothing. So, I left $20 in his account.

At this point, I don't care if I get the bigger stuff back (sheets, sleeping bag, etc). But, I just felt so bad!!!

Then, it turns out, the emergency contact numbers were his current foster parents, nothing else. Yes, it could have been their cell phones. But, they are on vacation this week. So, I left my number as well.

So, other than Sunday, the weekend went really well :)


Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

This post really broke my heart! How lucky Z was to have you drop him off!! You really are a kind and great person. Any child who comes to you is lucky- be it a respite placement or full time placement.
Continued well wishes!

Nicole said...

that is so sad. It was a blessing that Z was able to do respite care with someone like you who went above and beyond for this poor boy.

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