Friday, July 24, 2009

Doing Respite this weekend

We got a call the other day to do a respite placement for this weekend. It is for an 11 yr old boy and just for the weekend.

This is not a placement that we could normally take, but Colin is away until Sunday so we could use his room. I think it would have been hard to put an 11 yr old in a room with a 3 yr old.

We were contacted several times in the past about doing respite. But in the past, it was always WAY too much of a short notice.

While this was short notice as well, it worked for us. We I accepted the temp placement.

He will be coming today in the late afternoon and I will drop him off at camp on Sunday. I really like the fact that I am dropping him off at camp. We have been told of many situations where respite turned into full-time placement.

Even when I told my neighbor that works in the field, she mentioned "are you SURE it is just respite" So, it does make feel better that I am dropping him off at camp.

Not that I am trying to get rid of him. But, it is not a placement that works for us on a full-time basis. I can't make Colin share a room after he has had his own room for almost 15 years. And I can't put an 11 yr old with Lil J. Especially since the new baby will already be sharing with Lil J. I personally do not think it is fair to the 11 yr old.

But, it should be cool for an 11 yr old to come into our house. He will have his own room, his own TV room, his own game system, his own PC, etc. Since Colin is not much older than him, all his stuff is there for him to use.

I keep hearing that he is super nice, really polite, etc. I hope so. :)

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