Friday, April 3, 2009

First Baby Purchase

There was a hug consignment sale in my local area yesterday. They have it 2x a year so it is pretty big. They have all things from cribs, strollers, toys, clothes, etc.

I really went to get some some toys for Lil J and to see if I could get some bargains elsewhere. The prices are set by each individual "vendor", so it is very possible that 2 identical items are prices differently. So, you really have to look.

I was looking over at the bedding section, a few caught my eye. There was one set that I really liked, sold by 3 different people, they all wanted around $75 for the full set. I don't want to sound cheap, but I did not want to pay $75 for used bedding - I was there looking for a bargain :)

So, I looked around, and saw a bedding set. It said it was missing the fitted sheet (no big deal) and the price......$10!

I could not turn it down for 10 bucks, and besides, the sheet the the easiest thing to replace. I am sure most of the time it would not have the matching sheet on it anyway!

It is very gender neutral (not finding out the sex), and it will match the current wall color. It only comes with one valance, but what I will do is cut the valance in half and add green gingham on either side - I am sure it will look great.

I checked out prices, depending on where you get it, it ranges from $98 - $150 - so I really think I did OK :)

Here is a pic:


Stacie said...

You scored a major deal. Good job! That bedding is absolutely adorable. I went gender neutral for our nursery too, even though we found out the sex.

the d'angelo family said...

I've been lurking for a husband and I have also been struggling with secondary infertility. I wanted to let you know how happy I am for you on all accounts (adoption, current pregnancy). I've been following for some time and am really, really happy for you!

I also wanted to congratulate you on the deal you scored on that bedding! It's the same that our nursery is done in for my son (now 3) and will use with my current pregnancy (not public with it on my family blog - but I am "out" with it on my IF blog - (private, let me know if you'd like to read it). It's the Kids Line Malawi Set and the $10 you paid for it was QUITE THE DEAL...I was lucky enough to receive mine as a shower gift, but I know how much is was and it definitely wasn't $10!

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