Tuesday, April 7, 2009

May have gotten lucky

We still have not received any medical cards at all in regards to Lil J. Our temporary card expired on 3/31. When I called a few days before the 31st, I was told that I would have my card on or by the 31st. Fine.

Well, here it is the 7th of the month and I still have not gotten anything.

They way it works in our state is that each child qualifies for federal medical insurance (Medicaid) and then each person also has to pick a HMO for the county that they live in.

I basically picked the HMO that had the same main provider as our current family insurance. I figured it would be easier because they will more than likely have the same medical providers.

When Lil J came to us, he came with NO medical records and no information regarding his immunization records. I was told that they are going to "try" to get them, but if we did not get them by May, that we would have to have blood tests to see what he has gotten, if any. There was a possibility that he would have to have ALL the shots again.

Well, here is where the lucky part comes in. When I called looking for the cards, etc - I found out that his mother also was on Medicaid, and by total coincidence, she also picked the same HMO that I did. There were about 6-8 HMOs that I could have picked. So, the fact that she had the same one is great news.

The HMO was also able to tell me the doctors name and the last time he was seen by that doctor. Which means I can call there and request the records. YAY! I called and I guess I just need to send over a request along with the documents that state I am his foster parent.

Since according to the HMO, he was seen in 2007 & 2008, which I would hope would mean that he has at least SOME of his vaccinations. I really did not want him to be poked and stuck for no reason.

So, after being on the phone for almost an hour between 4 different numbers, I finally got great news. yay!

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