Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sigh of relief

Yesterday was my follow-up glucose test. YUCK. Note to anyone out there, the orange taste SO much better than the lemon-lime. It was a pain to sit in the office for 3+ hours, but now it is done and I home there will never be a reason for me to repeat it in this pregnancy. I should get the results by Friday, Monday at the latest. They normally do not call with "normal" results, but I personally think it is rude not to call on any follow-up test. Anyway, the nurse told me she will look out for it and call me if she sees them come in. She also told me that if I do not hear by Monday afternoon, to give them a call.

Back to the Sigh of Relief. I had my follow-up bloodwork done at my last appointment. Since my last results were elevated, I was nervous about getting the results. I knew they would be in, too.

My risk last time was 1:110. The follow-up was 1:850!!!!! So, a MUCH better result and no additional testing is needed. If you do the math, I have a 0.12% chance of having a Down's baby - so basically a non risk. This was a huge relief. Yes, I would have loved this baby no matter what, but I really needed to know one way or the other.

Besides, if I was going to give birth to a special needs child, I would not be able to deliver in the small country hospital, they do not have a NICU. So knowledge is a good thing.

Oh - also, I am up one pound. That brings me to negative (-) 5 pounds at the OB and negative (-) 9 pounds since I found out I am pregnant.


Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

Continued Healthy Vibes to you!

Lisa-MomDot said...

awesome news , glad you dont have to drink that yucky stuff no more. And awesome news of the blood results. Im so happy for you all I have been following your blog for many months and I was away for a while to come back and see that you are pregnant and that you have a little one in your home ! Amazing how god works !

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