Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Appliances today

At least the amount of progress on the house is lifting my spirits!

Today we are having our appliance delivered. I am not sure if they will be installed today - not sure if the contractor is ready.

Yesterday he installed the base cabinets - apparently it was a pain in the butt!!! All of our walls are slanted. So, he had to "build up" part of the wall - just to make it even.

We also painted the dining room - well most of it. We still have to fill in all the nail holes and paint the trim. But I LOVE it so far.

It is hard to take pictures, because there is so much other crap in all the room. Like saws and boxes, and just STUFF. I promise I will take some pictures tonight and load a whole bunch.

Plus - my camera's display is not working. So, I have to take the picture, then load it into the PC in order to see if the picture is clear, etc.

So, I guess this post is "to be continued"

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