Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beta is still high

I am 6 days post D&C. I went in to day to do a beta test (amount of pregnancy hormone in your system).

I know that it could take some time for the beta to go down to zero after a m/c - so I was not really expecting a level of zero or anything.

But, my beta is 862. I know that is not a "high" beta considering that my betas were much higher than that at 5 weeks.

But, 862 is REALLY far from zero. The dr said that with that number it should take about 3 weeks for the beta to go to zero.

Lucky me.

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Ariella said...

I am so sorry your beta is still high. I hope it begins to plumit soon and is to zero much sooner than three weeks.

Also yourfriend who sent you that email is an idiot! I am sorry but she is. A week is not long enough for you to morn the loss of a child! She would never say something like that to someone who lost a 'living' child whould she? Honestly some people don't use the brains God gave them.


I am thinking of you and praying for your body to heal quickly.

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