Monday, March 17, 2008

14 Years ago I told my parents I was pregnant

Yup - that's right. 14 years ago on St. Patrick's Day, I told my mom that I was pregnant. Two of my sisters already knew by this point. It is funny - I can not remember when I found out I was pregnant. I really have no idea.

But, I remember when I told my mom (who then told my dad). I was a sophomore in college and was planning on waiting until spring break to tell them. I am glad that it came out when it did. They were able to absorb the info before they saw me.

One of my sisters was all ready to "take me in". I was going to move to Buffalo. We just all assumed that my parents would FLIP OUT and disown me. "Take me in" is in quotes because when I think about it now, what the heck was my sister thinking. She was only a junior in college herself.

But, at the time, we knew we would be able to make it work.

Each year, my mother is so kind to remind me that XX years ago, she got the worst news of her life. Well, gee thanks mom. I know she does not really mean it. But at the time, it really was pretty bad news.

I can't believe how fast the last 14 years have gone. In about an hour - I have a meeting with Colin Guidance Counselor to talk about his HIGH SCHOOL SCHEUDLE!!!!! Yup - he goes to High School in the fall. WOW!!!!

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