Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So far - no headache

I know I am jinxing myself for even saying it. But, so far (since about 7 last night) the Clomid headache is gone. Who knows if it was even from the clomid - it could have been a plain old bad headache.

So, by now I have taken 3 days worth of clomid - I take them at night so today would be day 4 and tomorrow is my last set of pills.

I have to remember to take the antibiotics tomorrow in prep for my HSG on Friday. I have been told by my doctor that the HSG machine in their office is a state of the art machine and the HSG will take less than a minute - and that actual HSG procedure will only take 10-15 seconds - I guess the prep stuff takes 45 seconds.

I can't wait to report on that. I think I might actually time it - just for kicks. Here's praying for nice clear tubes!

1 comment:

Delilah said...

goog luck with your hsg!

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