Wednesday, January 23, 2008

IUI # 1 is a go

Today is CD 1. I knew this cycle was a bust. Now, I am not sure if I am upset because I got my period, or happy that I did.

Let me explain. Of course I am disappointed that I am not pregnant - so this is where I would be upset for my period. But, I DID get my period.

Why I am happy I got my period:

1 - Ovulating in itself is a great thing for me.
2 - Getting my period means I do not need meds to force a period
3 - This is my second period with a 31/32 day cycle - which is SOOOO much better than 110 days
4 - My Luteal Phase (LP) was the normal range (13 days)
5 - I am now moving on with a plan.

So, as you can see, getting my period is not the end of the world. I will go on with my plan and try to stay positive.

So, here is my plan for this cycle:

Today = CD1
Friday = CD3; bloodwork and U/S & CD3-CD7 = Clomid 100 mg
Feb 1st = CD 10; HSG (not happy about this timing because it means no sex until then)
Feb 2nd = CD 11; bloodwork and U/S to check lining and follies (I hope there is enough)
Feb 3rd or Feb 4th = CD 12/13; possible trigger with Ovidrel
Feb 5th??? = CD14; possible IUI

Now, since in the past I did not do well with the Clomid, I am hoping that since now my cycles seem to be a little more in check I will respond better this time.

I do not want too many follies because I would hate to cancel the IUI. So, for now, the trigger and IUI dates are just tenative.

Of course, I will keep this blog posted with updates

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