Monday, January 14, 2008


I am so hoping that this is it for us. We have an IUI with Met/Clomid/trigger scheduled for next cycle if this cycle is a bust. As much as I would be OK with an IUI, a huge part of me still wants to get pregnant without any assistance.

It does feel good to have an actual plan after 15 months, and I am glad that I made the RE appointment.

When the RE flat out said, "yup, you definately ovuluated on your right side" it really gave me hope that it would work this cycle. Our timing was perfect, but I really think that the stress kind of gave my husband some "performance anxiety" so we will have to wait and see.

I like to test early, but I have a GTG with some T-TTC nesties on 10, I will probably not test that day. So the earliest I will test will be 11dpo on Sunday.

It is nice to be under the care of an RE. If I do get pregnant this cycle, he will monitor me until I am released to an OB. So, I will probaby still have betas and a possible early U/S. That was one of the main questions I asked at my first appointment.

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