Thursday, January 10, 2008

1st RE Visit

I think the first RE appointment could have been VERY overwhelming if I did not have a lot of knowledge beforehand.

First - I liked the doctor and the office staff are great. The nurses really seemed like the cared and answered all my questions.I met with Dr. Darder first to go over my history. He looked at the bloodwork that was done at my OBGYN and answered some general questions.

After the little Q&A session, it was off to the internal U/S where he verified that I did in fact ovualte on my right side.

Then, he printed an u/s sound picture to show me the classic "ring of pearls" around both of my ovaries. Yup, PCOS. And I guess based on my bloodwork, he is thinking insulin resistant PCOS.

He is also concerned that I probably have scar tissue from when my appendix was removed (only 2 months prior to TTC). My appendix was badly infected and was cryptic (full of holes).

He was also concerned that I may have scar tissue on my cervix from when I had abnormal cells removed or that the cervix might not be producing enough CM because of the damage to the cervix. So, after all that, he is recommending IUI from the start.

That said, if I am lucky enough to get pregnant this cycle, then we will not have to worry about any thing.

But, if I am not pregnant, here is the plan:

Starting today- Metformin 1000mg 2x a day
CD 3: Bloodwork and U/S
CD 3-7: Clomid 100mg
CD 5-10 HSG
CD 11: Follie Check & bloodwork
trigger with Ovidrel

It is a lot to take in all at once. The IUI was kind of what I was expecting....but I really did not think pcos or the other stuff. So, I guess it is good to have a plan now.

Oh - I also asked them about the 2 year thing. They said that all stuff leading upto IVF do not need approval. Only IVF is considered "treatment" so if we get to that point, it will probably be close to 2 years. So, basically everything is covered. There are a few IVF things that are not covered, but I guess we will have to make some decisions if we have to go that route.

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