Friday, October 26, 2007

Nestie Power

I posted this a few weeks ago, but now the project is done so I just want to share.

I am very active on my local board (NJ). This board is very active and very populated. One of the girls on this board was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She also just had a baby a few short months ago.

She will be going through many treatments in the next few months. Someone thought we could all come together to help her get this this difficult time. A quilt idea was brought up. Well, since many know I am a quilter (I made quilts for a triplet mom - another story all together), they approched me with the idea.

I jumped at the chance to help. I decided to make one for this nestie and a matching smaller one for her daughter.

Each nestie that wanted to participate sent in a small piece of fabric. We also put the idea out there for everyone to send me a inspirational quote or a personal message to the woman.

I would make the quilt and another nestie offered to make the key. The key would have a swatch of fabric along with who sent it.

Well, 117 Nesties sent me fabric. Most of these people, including myself, have never met this nestie. I can not believe how perfect strangers are will to help others in need.

We are hoping that everytime the nestie uses the quilt, she will be reminded that she is surrounded by love of 117 people.

The key turned out to be a work of art!!! It is beautiful

So, I just wanted to share my good-news story of the day.

Here are some links to the pictures of the quilts and the key.

The Quilt

The Key

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