Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gap Photo Contest

Ok - so I entered Colin in a Photo Contest for GAP. He barely make the cut-off for age. You have to be 12 years old or younger on Oct 24, 2007. Well, Colin will be 13 on Nov 1, 2007 - just a week after the cut-off. But, still 12 on 10/24/07 so he does qualify.

I feel weird doing it since it is close to the cut-off. But I am not breaking any rules or anything. I think he is super cute, a bunch of other people have told me he is super cute. Who know where it will go.

He is the deal. GAP is running a casting call (photo contest) and it is sorted by age group and gender. So there is a group for 0-4 Girls, 0-4 Boys, 5-12 Girls, & 5-12 Boys. You can submit upto 5 pictures. GAP will chose 5 finalists from each category for a total of 20 finalists.

Once the finalists are chosen, it is then an online vote. Who ever gets the most votes in each category wins. The prize is a Trip to San Francisco for a photo shoot, with a chance that the photos will be displayed in a GAP store or in a Gap Ad, a Kodak prize package, a GAP wordrobe.

OK - here is where it gets interesting. You can view a SAMPLE of the photos submitted. In the category of boys/girls 0-4 yrs old - there are 12 pages of pictures. On the Boys 5-12 yrs old, there is only 2 pages of pictures. Now, I know this is only a sample - but it kind of makes me think that there are A LOT less photos in Colin's category.

So, to me that means that he has a better chance of getting picked to be a finalist - even chosen at random. Plus (like I said before), he is SO DAMN CUTE, so that should increase his odds as well.

Colin has been wanting to get into pictures, etc so maybe he will win this and get something else out of it.

I will keep you posted, because when he is a finalist - I will need your votes!!!


Tarahville said...


I'm having some issues with people abusing my blog, so it's not set to private.

Please send me your email address so I can invite you to my blog if you'd like to continue to read it.


Anonymous said...

I hate to be a killjoy, but last year there were 360 thousand entries. The sample photos are only that samples. They flash pics every 72 hours. You did not read the rules properly. On or about 10/30 the 20 finalists from photos submitted are notified and THEY are flown to SF for this shoot. 5-12 age will be flown the 14th thru the 18th. Then on the 20th GAP will list one photo of each finalist from the GAP shoot on the web and American votes. The rules are complete on the site. It amazes me how many people do not read the fine print. I entered my daughter too and like everyone else is waiting on or about the 30th (which is today) to see if she made the cut. Good luck to your son.

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