Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Hawk is back!

The hawk is back. =)

Colin has been growing his hair since June. All the cool kids are doing it. LOL So, the other day he says that he wants to re-cut the mohawk. Fine by me. Hey, I figure that if that is the worst thing that he does then I am doing OK.

I actually think it looks really cute. He looks much older (I think).

A bunch of people have said that he should be some kind of print model.

People have been saying this since he was a baby. I looked into this for about a second when he was small, but never made any calls, sent anything in or did anything about it. When he was 2 & 3, he did win 1st place and best in show (both times) in a photo contest at our county fair.

He has also said that he might might to do it. I don't know - who would book a kid with orange braces and a mohawk. Something to think about though.
REVISED 1/2/08 - I have a site meter on my blog. It tells me where people clicked from to find my blog. A lot of hits are from a google image search of Mohawks. Since this post is viewed a lot, I figured I would add some more mohawk pictures. These pictures were taken in November 2007.

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