Friday, June 17, 2011

Yada Yada Yada

I could not think of a catchy title, so yada yada yada it is. For those that don't know, it is kinda like bla bla bla. Used as a placeholder of sorts. We went to the beach and yada yada yada we had a great time.


Anyway, I feel like I am a bad blogger - it has been almost 2 weeks since I wrote a post. And it seems like this is becoming a trend. I guess my life is just pretty boring.

I keep seeing people post on facebook, or a message board, or where ever saying that their kid is saying this or that, and it really makes me realize how LITTLE Cora actually says. We had her evaluated at 15 months old for speech delays. At that time she said nothing - how she didn't qualify is totally beyond me. They told us to have her re-eval at 18 months if there was not a marked improvement.

18 Months came and went, and she is still not talking. Yes, 18 months old was 3 months ago. And, yes - I really need to make the call. But, as each day goes by, I think to myself - this will be the day that she has the word explosion that everyone talks about. Today will be the day that I can understand what she wants. Today will be the day.

But, the day comes and goes. By 21 months, a (AVERAGE) should be starting 2 word sentences. Yeah, right. Not for Cora. I really think Elsie will talk before her. I have been keeping a running list of her "words" on a piece of paper. Let's see - she says ball, dog, mama, dada, baba, more, out, meow, and the sound of a monkey. yup - that is it. Oh, and she kinda says please.

She can sign a few words as well.

But, that is 10 words, if you count the animal sounds. Seriously? Not even close to making sentences.

I guess just accepting that there might be an issue is well, my issue. I am going to call today.

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Sonya said...

My youngest was not talking at 18 months and the dr recommended a speech eval. He qualified and we did "play" therapy for over a year. It was free through the county, but I just didn't see that it made him talk any faster. I think kids are going to talk when they're ready. I wouldn't worry overly much until 2 1/2 or 3...just my opinion!

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