Thursday, June 30, 2011

DIY Cupcake Tower / Stand

With the girls' birthday coming up, I knew I wanted to do a cupcake stand/tower as the cake. I really like cupcakes since there is no cutting, and I know that I will have enough. Plus, you can get "fancy" with the decorations.

Plus, even with plain cupcakes, the tower makes it look so much more fancy. I am all about fancy lol.

I started googling and found these links, they are all the same concept, but have slightly different instructions. I thought I would just share the links instead of doing my own tutorial lol

Cupcake Tower #1 - Cupcake Tower #2 - Cupcake Tower #3

Basically you use cardboard circles, cover with pretty paper, use ribbon or strips of paper around the circles to make it look like a wide platform. Then you use full cans in between the layers.

I wanted to make one for a BBQ that we had as a practice run. I did it in about an hour, so it is not the best...but overall I think it looked OK. The colors did not photograph well, but I also had bad lighting.

Next time, I will make the bases the same color, and the outer colors different.

But, here is what it looks like uncovered, and then after. Doesn't it look like it is thick platforms, nope, it is thin cardboard with a wide strip of paper.

It was really easy, I used mod podge for the main part, and then hot glue for the outer "ribbon" parts. Took about an hour. I can't wait to make more for the girls' party.

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