Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sew Sew Sew

I have done tons of sewing the past few days. The 30 minute skirt got me really motivated :) The following day I made 5 more skirts. Some for my girls, some for my niece, and some for a friend. I can't wait for the weather to be super spring just so Cora could wear her new stuff. I am probably going to pair them with basic tees, make it easy.

Then today, I finally started Cora's Easter dress. I am making the dresses for both girls and bought the fabric a while ago, and knew I was going to us "The Party Dress" tutorial from The Cottage Home The tutorial was really easy to follow. I did make some mistakes - mostly with the sash. But, in the end - I think it looks just fine.

The tutorial used "fancier" fabric, and I just used a cotton - so I think her dress looks more dressy, and mine looks more casual. But, I am totally fine with that. It is not like I am using it as a flower girl dress or anything.

I will be making one for Elsie as well. Her main fabric is different, but the bottom/sash are the same as Cora's. I will share Elise's as soon as it is finished.

1 comment:

mgrands said...

I like the Easter Dress. It looks great. Can you make it in my size?

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