Friday, March 11, 2011

Today is J DAY

Today marks 2 years that Lil J has been with us. He has been in care for about 2 weeks more, he stayed with a friend of a friend for a few days, then was with another foster family.

That foster family could not "deal" with him. Basically - they had a bio child the same age as Lil J and the two kids did not get along at all. He was her first foster child that was not family.

She decided to disrupt.

I am actually on another message board and she was on the same board (it had a board just for NJ foster care). After in her car for only a few days, she started writing about how she can to "get rid" of him. The problems she was having, etc

At first, I did not want to get involved. Why would I want to take the kid with huge problems (yeah, I know - there is no perfect child)? But, I kinda read through the lines and figured out that it was probably HER kid that was the problem, and not so much with Lil J.

We talked, I talked to his caseworker, spoke to my caseworker, and then I decided to meet Lil J.
Seriously, the day we met (yesterday 2 yrs ago), I knew that we wanted him in our home. After meeting him, and playing with him for about 2 hours, I KNEW that he was not this horrible child that she was describing. Just a 3 yr old boy that was just ripped from his mother.

I talked with the caseworker again and agreed that we would like to place him in our home. There was some paperwork to be done and she would let me know if he was coming. It was less than 24 hours later that he arrived.

I was so nervous waiting for THE CALL. In fact, the call came when I was driving my friend to the airport (1+ hour away). I probably drove faster than I should have lol. I get the call that he is coming, and a few hours later - there he was.

He showed up with the clothes on his back, a pair of PJs, 5 diapers and ONE matchbox car. He shoes were too sizes too small, his hair/scalp were in rough shape due to lack of proper care, and he was under weight

How could I not love this child? Of course the next few days are a blur - he cried out for his mommy, tore my heart apart. But, he quickly settled in to our family, and our house became his HOME.

I am not going to lie, it was HARD in the begining. We had to deal with really bad food issues, and behaviour issues. But, in the end - he is awesome. We still struggle with things, and are working through them. But, he has come so far. Physically, Emotionally, Pychologically.

I seriously can not wait to show his face - even that has changed so much. One day soon, he will be OUR son.


Leah said...

I can't wait for the day when it's official! Then you can just be...

Notwifezilla- Jackie said...

Lil J is so lucky to have found his "forever family"! I hope that things move quickly for this to be a reality soon.

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