Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Terminated Parental Rights

Term trial started last week. Mom was a no-show, which placed her in detault. Because of this - the defense attorney is no longer able to provide a defense for his client. This basically cuts at least 4 weeks off of the timeline.

Well, the second part of the trial was today, she was still a no-show. Her attorney requested to be released from his service since he has had no contact with her in months.

Judge heard the case (hours and hours worth) and then took a recess. Came back and TERMINATED HER RIGHTS!!!

We thought it would take weeks, since I was given info about the standard timeline. But, that timeline would include a defense and then a rebuttal.

When my caseworker called me today, I was NOT expecting that kind of news. I was seriously speechless.

My C/W comes in about 2 weeks for a visit and we will start the adoption paperwork on that day.

The father is not terminated, as he still did not have an attorney. But he was notified of her termination, and we are pretty postive that he will do an id surrender. But, he either needs an attorney for that, or declare that he is representing himself.

A trial date was set for him for next month.

OMG - one day closer to calling him our SON.

It was a mixed emotional day for me. Yes, we want to adopt him. But, his mother lost her rights to him today. As a mom, that has got to suck big time - although she does not know it yet. I have met her, and I can almost picture her face when she finds out. I think it would kill me.

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Jackie said...

Amy, I just got tears in my eyes reading this! So excited for you, J, & your whole family!!!

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